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    About Samoa

    Samoa is on the south of the equator. It lies on the Pacific Ocean; many other beautiful islands surround Samoa, such as Fiji, Tonga, and the Cook Islands.


    Samoa is known to constitute a total of ten different islands. However, all ten islands are not inhabited. The most visited and occupied islands of Samoa are; Upolu, Savaii, Apolima, and Manon islands.


    Samoa is the land of many beautiful beaches. There are many places to stay when visiting the island of Samoa. For entry into Samoa, there are no requirements for Visa application. Tourists can stay up to 60 days if they want. However, the steps for the legal documentation needs to be completed. There are plenty of places in Samoa to stay. You can hire taxis, cars or buses to travel around the city of Samoa.


    Samoa is not only known for its fun and adventurous vacations. It is now a great place where the investors set up the offshore company formation in Samoa. There are many ways for how to set up an offshore company in Samoa.

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    Samoa has become the most popular destination for offshore company setup.

    The island of Samoa has become the most popular destination for offshore company setup. It can be due to a countless number of reasons. The first and foremost reason for the setup of an offshore company in Samoa is its location.


    The island is beautiful. Deep blue water and white sand beaches are the factors that attract many investors—many businesses and firm owners’ lookout for the best or ideal locations around the world.


    Samoa is also encircled by other famous islands, which makes it even a better location for setting up an offshore company in the region.


    The standards that are followed around the lands of Samoa are exceptional. Even though it is an island, but the level of trading and Business are set internationally.


    This factor attracts many international investors or non-residential people as well. The country of Samoa is not much populated. This makes it easier and safe for those people who do not want to highlight their offshore company. The rules and regulations within Samoa in terms of offshore company setup are under IC. The IC is known to be the best governing body.


    There are many more benefits for why Samoa is considered an ideal place for offshore company setup. Thallium Consulting provides all the advantages to you in just 3 easy steps.

    Benefits of Setting up the company in Samoa

    There are many advantages for why investors choose Samoa as the place to form an offshore company. Many people are yet not aware of the benefits of setting up an offshore company in the region. Therefore we have specified some of the benefits of the offshore company set up in Samoa below.

    • Protection of your valuable assets.
    • Allows international trading and investments.
    • Exemption from numerous tax duties.
    • Real names of the directors are not required.
    • No need for auditing records.
    • Easy tax payments and laws.

    The above-specified points are the few benefits that can be acquired with the offshore company set up in Samoa with the help of Thallium Consulting.

    3 Easy Steps to Register Your Company Online

    Corporate banking solution for offshore company set up in Samoa

    The corporate banking solution by Thallium Consulting is a must for the offshore company setup. The need for the corporate banking solution is very beneficial as well.


    They benefit the individuals and as well the directors of the offshore company. Some of the corporate banking solutions for offshore companies in Samoa are specified below.


    • It offers the hold of multiple currency accounts. Many countries do no entertain the idea of multiple currencies. However, the IC entity allows multiple currency accounts.
    • Samoa offers a very stable and good corporate culture for offshore companies.

    Higher Interest rates in the Samoa offshore accounts; the setup of offshore company formation in Samoa can earn good profits.

    The renewal process of the offshore company set up in Samoa.

    It is a wide fact that for the business to keep growing, the renewal process is crucial. By filling up the renewal process, the clients and the investors can earn many benefits.


    The promotional packages for the renewal of the offshore company set up in Samoa are many. They are divided into two parts.


    • Yearly access, Which is available for 1 year.
    • Lifetime Access is available for 2 years.


    At Thallium Consulting, our team will handle the tasks of license renewal, so you will not have to worry about anything.

    Perks of the offshore company set up Samoa as a Tax Haven

    Samoa is known as a Tax Haven for many years; the offshore company in Samoa as a tax haven has many benefits.


    Some of the perks as a tax haven for offshore companies formation in Samoa are specified below.


    • The registration and incorporation procedures are quick and do not prolong the setup of offshore companies.
    • The requirement of fees is one of the greatest perks. It only requires up to US $ 200-300 annually.
    • Few onsite employers or directors are needed.
    • No foreign exchange tax is imposed.


    The above-specified information explains the advantages of the offshore company set up in Samoa. With the help of these points, you can learn how to set up an offshore company in Samoa. If you are ready to set up an offshore company in the region, Thallium Consulting is here to help with all your requirements, such as getting a new license, creating an offshore corporate bank account and license renewal to make it easier for you to run a successful company.