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About Us

With over ten years experience, our founders have gained a wealth of expertise and knowledge. This has allowed them to establish Thallium Consulting to undertake all your business requirements in the MENA region.

In the current business climate, companies must strive to be dynamic and adaptable to capitalize on valuable opportunities. Thallium Consulting founders realized the challenges for a company to expand its business in the Middle East. Thallium Consulting provides a comprehensive package of first-class tailored services to hundreds of clients across the globe, from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies.

Thallium Consulting is dedicated to be the best local partner for companies planning to establish their business in the region by assisting them with turnkey solutions.


Work Process

Our experts accompany you in every step for the implementation of your project. Entrepreneurs at heart they understand your needs better than anyone else.


At first, our team assesses the needs of the company and its fundamentals.


Our experts provide you with the best solutions suitable to your project.


We develop different solutions and put them in place.


We validate everything and start the project.

  • Thallium Consulting has been able to offer us flexible and customized solutions at every stage of our penetration of the Middle East market. Thanks to this new form of support abroad, we have achieved our objectives. The Middle East has become a real growth driver for VISIOGLOBE.

    Julien CUNZE - Regional Manager Middle East, VISIOGLOBE

Our Latest News

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