About Us

With over ten years experience, our founders have gained a wealth of expertise and knowledge. This has allowed them to establish Thallium Consulting to undertake all your business requirements all around the world.

In the current business climate, companies must strive to be dynamic and adaptable to capitalize on valuable opportunities. Thallium Consulting founders realized the challenges for a company to expand its business. Thallium Consulting provides a comprehensive package of first-class tailored services to hundreds of clients across the globe, from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies.

Thallium Consulting is dedicated to be the best local partner for companies planning to establish their business in the region by assisting them with turnkey solutions.

Business Strategy

How to make a business plan, market study, or competitive study?

Thallium Consulting is a company that helps companies develop a business strategy to be competitive and successful. We reveal how to succeed in your business and maximize your competitive advantage.

We specialize in offering end-to-end business solutions to new and emerging clients in line to build their business presence in the UAE and across the world.

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Business Angel

How do I find an Investor or Business Angel?

The Angel Investor Community in UAE and France is a dynamic and growing sector that helps investors and entrepreneurs work together to grow and develop businesses. Thallium Consulting helps entrepreneurs raise funds and supports them in their growth. Thanks to our extensive network of investors, we help you ascertain the right business angel.

Company Setup

How to form your company in the United Arab Emirates or abroad?

Thallium Consulting encourages all types of companies (start-ups, SMEs, etc.) to set up abroad. We help you through all the levels of your business formation plan from the choice of legal status, obtaining a business license, visa, to opening a bank account.

HR &: Payroll

How to outsource a team, consultant, or payroll system?

Thallium Consulting offers timely, secure, reliable, and accurate payroll outsourcing in over 100 countries around the world. We provide all the necessary support for the management of consultants and employees.

Are you looking for new talent to expand or strengthen your team?


Advertising for the right applicants in the right places can be a daunting and time-consuming task. Thallium Consulting uses its extensive network, expertise, knowledge, and experience to obtain the right candidate for

20+ various sectors including Executive Search, Facilities Management, Accountancy & Finance, Banking, Sales & Marketing, Construction, Emiratisation, Engineering, Healthcare, Legal, Logistics, HR, IT, Manufacturing, Real Estate, Property, Oil & Gas, Office Support and Procurement. After analyzing and interpreting the required skills, we will find the most qualified profile to meet your needs.

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Marketing 360 Degree

How to create a global digital presence and maintain the upper hand?

Thallium Consulting is a full-service marketing company, providing a spectrum of 360 marketing services to clients in the UAE, France, and worldwide. We assist companies in building their digital presence globally by developing websites, mobile applications, and social networks. We help companies target their audience by using highly competitive keywords and strategies to maximize their return on investment. We make sure business to get their presence on search engines organically for lasting results.

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Community Management

Why is community management essential for businesses?

With the incredible growth of multiple platforms, social media has emerged as a fast and efficient way to connect with your customers and address their concerns in real-time. The increase in the number of subscribers, users, and followers in your community is a sign of flourishing notoriety. Knowing how to organize your content along with your social networks is the foundation of success for companies and businesses. Many businesses are taking advantage of this low-cost opportunity to increase their community and target audience. Thallium experts are here to help you grow and manage your community more efficiently and effectively.


Do you wish to outsource your accounting or carry out an Audit?

Thallium Consulting helps clients navigate a complex financial landscape towards a flourishing future. The practice of Thallium's dedicated financial services in the United Arab Emirates and France provides access to a variety of key financial marketplaces. It offers practice advice and recommendations through an up-to-the-minute understanding of key issues facing the international and local business/financial services industries.

We offer you tailor-made corporate accounting services; our experts analyze your balance sheets and take care of your accounts and your audits.

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Work Process

Our experts accompany you in every step for the implementation of your project. Entrepreneurs at heart they understand your needs better than anyone else.


At first, our team assesses the needs of the company and its fundamentals.


Our experts provide you with the best solutions suitable to your project.


We develop different solutions and put them in place.


We validate everything and start the project.

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