Business Angel

Behind every successful business, there is a good mentor!

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    A Business Angel?

    Business Angels are entrepreneurs who are passionate about their profession and who invest their capital in start-ups with innovative concepts.

    We accompany entrepreneurs financially in their projects, and we support them humanly with our expertise, our advice, and this throughout the process of creating companies in the Middle East and abroad. We also make available our vast network of contacts all over the world.

    How can we help you?

    Do you want to create a company, export, develop in the UAE, or launch your business abroad? And to do so, you wish to find a trustworthy business investor who is available for you? Thallium Consulting has expertise in fundraising and helps you raise money for your projects & plans from its extensive network of business investors.

    We have an immense network of partners in the transport, energy, communication, and catering sectors, and we will guide you to the best investor, whatever your industry of activity and geographical area. From innovative start-ups to multinationals, we are interested in all of your projects and plans to apprehend.


    Formalize your business project and develop new activities.


    Analyze, explore and identify a market to understand how it works.


    Plan coordinated actions to achieve business and marketing goals.


    Plan coherent communication actions through different tools.


    Capture attention and arouse emotion through the editorial style.


    Acquire new prospects by taking advantage of digital marketing.

    The best configurations for the best results

    If you want to set up a new business strategy to grow your business or simply develop it, Thallium Consulting is the partner you are looking for!

    Thanks to our many partners specialized in the understanding of the customer journey, we will support you in the development and implementation of a business and commercial strategy while remaining up-to-date to the evolution of tastes and research of your targets.

    Our consultants with abundant experiences will accompany you step by step in the development and implementation of your project. Entrepreneurs at heart, they understand your needs better than anyone else.

    • A multilingual team for clear and simplified collaboration
    • Expert consultants in understanding the customer journey
    • Experts who develop the best optimum strategy
    • Personalized support to suggest the best configurations for your project