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What Is A Business Angel ?

We are Business Angels – passionate entrepreneurs investing in innovative startups. We provide both financial backing and invaluable expertise to support entrepreneurs through the entire process of company creation and expansion. With a global network of contacts, we’re committed to turning revolutionary ideas into successful realities.

How We Can Help

Attention entrepreneurs and business owners! Are you looking to expand, export, or launch your business abroad? Thallium Consulting can make it happen. Our fundraising expertise and extensive network of trustworthy investors in all industries and areas will help you achieve your dreams. From start-ups to multinationals, let us guide you to the best investor and take your business to new heights!

Our Business Angel Services

Looking to grow or develop your business? Choose Thallium Consulting as your ultimate partner!

Our expert partners specialize in understanding customer journeys, crafting winning business and commercial strategies, and staying ahead of market trends. With extensive experience and an entrepreneurial spirit, our consultants will guide you through every step of your project, ensuring your success. Thallium Consulting: the partner you can count on for growth.

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