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    When you want to start your business or set up an offshore company anywhere in the world, it is challenging to understand what are the choices and opportunities available for the companies that can be created and to regularize your new business.

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    Within the last decade, United Arab Emirates has become a leading destination for international trade. Corporate structuring, modern lifestyle, and talent bank here have made UAE a popular corporate business hub.

    Arabic is the official language of the UAE, while Islam is the official religion here.

    Due to all this and more, more and more investors are tending to offshore companies set up UAE. However, here we will get to know about different aspects regarding how to set up an offshore company in UAE below to get a better idea about the things in this regard.

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    Qatar holds one of the richest countries positions in the world, having the third-highest human development index. From tall buildings to secluded beaches, it is one of the finest tourist destinations in the world. In addition, Qatar has been on the list of many foreign investors or stakeholders. It is because of the advantages that it provides to them. Among many investors, one of the most curious questions is how to set up an offshore company in Qatar and what benefits can be avail.

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    Ireland, officially known as the Republic of Ireland situated in the UK’s northeast. Commonly, Ireland is a popular country due to its cornucopia of folklore and vivid scenic landscapes. Ireland is home to three World Heritage Sites. Also, it contains various other places which are on the top of tentative lists of visitors in Ireland.

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    In Malta, offshore company formation is a hot topic among many investors; it has recently become a centre of attention for many IBC investors. With a complete corporate structure and no trade restrictions, Malta is considered one of the best offshore places to establish an IBC. The protective legislature also plays a vital to attract many foreign investors all over the world.

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    More recently, the finance industry has understood the worth of Jersey to operate here. Due to this, the finance industry has become the most dominant industry in Jersey.

    Do you want to get into the details of different aspects regarding how to set up offshore company in Jersey? Before, that let’s explore more about the country and perks of an offshore company set up Jersey below to know more.

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    Anguilla is basically a British Overseas territory situated in the Caribbean. It is located north of Saint Martin, east of the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico, and Leeward Islands’ northerly in the Lesser Antilles. This British overseas territory was occupied by the Indigenous Amerindian peoples for the first time. Indigenous Amerindian peoples migrated here from South America.

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    Setting up an offshore company has many benefits. There are numerous reasons why business owner’s lookout for a place to setup an offshore company. The offshore company formation in the Bahamas has many potential advantages. The need for setting up an offshore company in the Bahamas is useful for stakeholders. With the opening of an offshore company in the Bahamas, you can protect your many assets. They can be ideal for those who want to expand their business. Offshore companies can be used for business finance and more. Here we will discuss more how to setup an offshore company in the Bahamas.

    The third-largest gross domestic product

    The Bahamas is a land that is present in the Lucayan Archipelagos of the west indies in the Atlantic. Also, It is known as the best place where you can find incredibly deep blue shores.

    The Bahamas is a coral-based archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean. It contains almost 700 islands that make it the best spot for tourists.

    The Bahamas has the third largest Gross domestic product (GDP). This makes the Bahamas the third richest country after the USA and Canada. The language which is spoken in the Bahamas is officially English. This makes it easier for the offshore company setup Bahamas.

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    The Cayman Islands are located in the western Caribbean Sea. It is a self-governing and independent British Overseas Territory, encompassing a 264 sq. km area. Cayman Islands territory consists of three islands including Little Cayman, Cayman Brač, and Grand Cayman. However, George Town is the capital city of the Cayman Islands situated on the Grand Cayman. Even more, Grand Cayman is also the most populous island here.

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    St. Vincent & Grenadines is a beautiful island country in the Caribbean Sea. St. Vincent & Grenadines also referred to St. Vincent, simply. This is a territory that encompasses a 142 sq mi area. However, the territory consists of:

    • Saint Vincent’s main island
    • 2/3rd northern part of the Grenadines
    • along with a 32 smaller islands’ chain.
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    Forming an offshore company helps corporate business owners with numerous benefits, offshore companies set up Cyprus, in particular.  The offshore company setup in Cyprus provides the IBC investors with numerous tax benefits, especially those that want to form a company in the EU.  Due to all this, offshore company formation in Cyprus has caught the attention of numerous investors all across the globe.

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    Hong Kong is basically a special administrative region and a metropolitan area of China. It is located in South China on Pearl River Delta’s eastern side. Hong Kong has more than 7.5 million residents which are from different nationalities. However, the country boasts an area of 426 sq mi. Most importantly, Hong Kong has become the world’s one of the most densely populated territories.

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    Singapore is officially known as the Republic of Singapore; an independent island city-state located in maritime Southeast Asia. The territory of the country consists of 63 satellite islets and islands, along with one main island. Since the independence of the country, the combined area of Singapore has been enhanced by 25%. This is because of projects regarding extensive land reclamation.

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    The culture of corporate offshore company formation around the globe is now popular among many people. There are very few business or firm owners who do not own an offshore company.

    There are several benefits for why people think that setup of the offshore company is crucial in recent times, where the economy and wages are under threat. The setup of a corporate offshore company in places like Vietnam can be a saviour. The offshore company in Vietnam can have countless benefits.

    Thallium Consulting has compiled all the essential information for you to get a better perception of offshore company formation in Vietnam.

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    Many business firms or workers want to be successful and earn profit. Setting an offshore company is one way to fulfill your success requirement. There are numerous countries or states where you can set up an offshore company. Among the other lands, Belize is also considered to be the choice of many business owners. The steps and procedures for opening an offshore company in Belize are simple. Today, we will discuss more the offshore company formation in Belize.

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    Incorporating a company in Delaware has become quite an obsession for big shots, and investors all across the globe. Offshore company setup Delaware provides greater confidentiality and financial stability. Due to this, many investors want to learn how to set up offshore companies in Delaware. In addition, they are tempted to start their offshore company setup in Delaware.

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    Offshore companies are being set up in various places in the world. Many countries are suitable for the setup of an offshore company. Likewise, Panama is also known as one of the best states for the formation of offshore companies. There are plentiful advantages of establishing an offshore company in the region, such as they can earn a surplus amount of money or keep the company in business while spending low. It is why many business owners prefer setting up offshore companies in Panama.

    Know more about how to set up an offshore company in Panama with Thallium Consulting.

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    The Marshall Islands aka the Republic of Marshall Islands is a sovereign island country in the Pacific Ocean. Geographically, the Marshall Islands is a part of Micronesia’s larger island group. However, the population of the Marshall Islands is 58,413 according to the census of the World Bank. The population here is spread on 29 coral atolls and 5 islands. While Majuro is the largest and capital city of the Marshall Islands.

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    The need for an offshore company set up in Samoa is prioritized as compared to other countries. In recent times, everything is about earning a surplus amount of money. Many investors consider setting up an offshore company in Samoa as a good investment.

    The concept of an offshore company formation in Samoa is not new. There are various reasons that people choose to set up an offshore company in Samoa. The ability to own companies in different countries is very advantageous.

    We have explained more about the offshore company in Samoa here. Also, how to set up an offshore company in Samoa.

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    Mauritius known as the Republic of Mauritius officially; an island country situated in the Indian Ocean. It consists of the main island, Agaléga, St. Brandon, and Rodrigues. Port Louis is the largest and capital city of Mauritius. This is the city, where the majority of the Mauritius population is concentrated. The country spans 2,040 sq. km.

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    Setting up an offshore company has numerous benefits. Many business owners look for offshore places to set up their company and earn higher revenue; therefore, Seychelles is the ideal place for offshore companies. The Seychelles-based offshore company does not consist of any requirements for audit and filing annual returns. Seychelles has allowed the establishment of an offshore company since 1994.

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    Starting an offshore company in BVI has become an eye-catching option for investors to IBC. It is because offshore company formation in BVI stands as an outstanding opportunity for financial security and confidentiality. BVI also has an upstanding reputation and a stable government.

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    3 Steps to setup your company online

    To start your business or company anywhere globally, it is always difficult to perceive what choices and opportunities are available to set up the company and regularize the new business. With Thallium Consulting, you can now set up your company anywhere in the world in just 3 easy steps and less than 5 minutes and receive your pre-approved documents.



    To start the process of registering your company, we must first validate the availability of the chosen company name with the administration concerned.


    We’ve listed all jurisdictions and activities to choose from. Yet our experts are always there to help you pick the most suitable option according to your business needs.


    Based on the information provided, we will prepare all legal documents (Shareholder Resolutions, Letter of Undertaking and Share Certificates).

    3 Easy Steps to Register Your Company Online


    Thallium Consulting also offers numerous additional services to FULLY support you with your ongoing business requirements.

















    What is an Offshore Company?

    An offshore company has its headquarters in a foreign country, in which it does not operate its business and where the directors are not residents.

    What is an Offshore Account?

    An offshore company has its headquarters in a foreign country, in which it does not operate An offshore account is banking services offered overseas by the opening of an account with a credit institution located abroad. Opening an offshore account in Dubai can help you prepare for a possible relocation to the United Arab Emirates or to assist you to manage your finances more easily in a country other than your country of residence. It’s business and where the directors are not residents.

    What are the benefits of an Offshore company formation in Dubai?
    • Exemption from income taxes
    • Confidentiality of the holders of the company
    • In the existence of minimum capital
    • No obligation to keep accounts
    • Legal protection and protection of assets
    What types of activities can we exercise with a Free Zone Company?
    • Trade (Trade License): Purchase / Sale of Goods
    • E-Commerce (E-Commerce License): Online Auction
    • Service (Service License): Consulting / Tertiary activities
    • Industry (Industrial License): Manufacturing / Production
    What are the benefits of a Free Zone Company?
    • 100% ownership of your company(no requirement for a local partner/sponsor)
    • Possibility of repatriating 100% of the capital and profits
    • No Corporate and Income Taxes
    • Your own requirements for accounts system
    • Simplified import and export procedures
    • 3 years residency VISA in UAE
    What is a Local Corporation (LLC / MAINLAND)?

    A local company, also known as an LLC or Mainland company in Dubai, has the right to engage in all types of activities (BtoB and BtoC). It is accessible to foreigners provided that 51% of the capital belongs to a local partner. However, this partner is in the majority of cases, not directly involved in the business. A private contract can be set up to define a fixed annuity which is more advantageous than the distribution originally envisaged by law.

    What types of activities can we work with a local society?
    • Shops (convenience store, petrol station, shopping centre…)
    • Service companies (Private schools, Sports Clubs …)
    • Restaurants
    • Factories
    What are the benefits of a local corporation?
    • Quick steps for foreigners
    • Exemption from income taxes
    • Ability to offer its products and services to individuals
    • Eligible to establish in the best locations
    • Minimal accountancy

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