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    About Qatar

    How to setup offshore company in Qatar has become a curious question among many investors. Qatar is one of the richest countries in the world, having the third highest human development index. From tall buildings to secluded beaches, it is one of the finest tourist destinations in the world. In addition, Qatar has been on the list of many foreign investors, or stakeholders. It is because of the advantages that it provides to them.

    Qatar is one of the countries in the Middle East. Most of the land is covered with desert, and a long Persian Gulf Shoreline. Its home to some of the most mesmerizing beaches in the world. You can also enjoy several watersport activities on the beaches of Qatar.

    Other than that, the capital of Qatar is Doha, which is a highly modernized city. Some of the finest architecture having great historical importance resides here. The official language of Qatar is Arabic.

    The land of Qatar is blessed with petroleum, and it is why its economy depends upon export of petroleum as well. Natural gas also plays a vital role in boosting the economy of Qatar.

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    Why offshore company formation in Qatar has become famous?

    Qatar is one of the best offshore destinations that provide frequent benefits to potential investors, and companies that want to set up a company in the Middle East. Moreover, Qatar also has a very high GDP per capita. For this reason, many foreign investors want to establish a company in Qatar.

    Other than that, Qatar has never been involved in financial situations that have prompted the EU to blacklist the nation. Qatar has high tax dominions, and some of the best corporate banking solutions, which we will discuss in a bit.

    Offshore company setup Qatar provides people having non-resident status to enjoy the same financial benefits as the residents. In short, offshore company setup Qatar is best for non-residents that want to create their presence in the Middle East. Moreover, offshore company formation in Qatar is not difficult. Hence, you can easily understand how to set up an offshore company in Qatar.

    Other than that, asset protection and low tax-induced schemes are one of the incentives to learn how to set up an offshore company in Qatar. All of this is considered fortunate by many foreign IBC investors.

    Key benefits of an offshore company set up Qatar

    Due to Qatar being an offshore region, it is a strategic region, with zero crime rate. Other than that, some of the benefits of offshore company formation in Qatar are specified below.

    • Privacy and confidentiality
    • Favorable business legislations
    • Legal protection
    • Reduced taxes.
    • Secure transactions
    • Minimum monetary risk
    • Politically stable environment
    • Access to district markets.
    • Decent relations with the bank
    • Capital efficiency

    All these benefits allow offshore company setup Qatar to provide numerous business opportunities to the non-resident companies. For these reasons, Qatar has risen to become one of the ideal platforms for establishing an offshore company. Hence, many investors want to know how to setup offshore company in Qatar.

    3 Easy Steps to Register Your Company Online

    Corporate banking solution for offshore company set up Qatar

    As mentioned above, Qatar has some of the finest relations with the bank. Furthermore, banks in Qatar also provide numerous solutions and facilities to non-resident companies. Some of the most popular corporate banking solution that banks in Qatar provide are:

    • Acts as a central source – Having a corporate bank account in Qatar helps you to send money, or funds to other countries.
    • Wide range of currencies – Moreover, you can deposit funds in any of the currency that you like.
    • Customer Anonymity – Customers having a corporate account in Qatar are provided with anonymity. It helps them to hide their identity, and makes the transactions safe, and risk-free.
    • Tax-free interest – In general, customers having a corporate account in Qatar enjoy auspicious interest rates. Plus, the interest rates are not taxed. Hence, this allows customers to earn more while investing low.
    • Visa/ Mastercard – Corporate customers are also provided with debit and credit cards. The cards are usually Visa, and Mastercard, which gives you the benefit of doing transactions all over the world.
    • Cheque book – As a corporate customer, you may get a cheque book. But there likely be a limit on the number of cheques that you can issue in a year.

    If you want to enjoy all these facilities without any hassle get professional help from Thallium Consulting.

    The renewal process of a offshore company set up Qatar

    To renew your offshore company setup Qatar, you need to pay a yearly renewal fee. You must pay a day before the anniversary date of your company’s incorporation in Qatar. It is necessary as your company in Qatar can be penalized with taxes. It can also be forced to shut down.

    Your corporate bank account in Qatar can also be closed if you are unable to pay the annual renewal fees on time.

    In addition, the annual renewal fee is divided into two segments. You have to pay for the registration agent’s services. It also includes the registration renewal fee.

    Other than that, you need to pay a government fee. Renewal of your company in Qatar is done by a registered agent. Hence, you can contact a registered agent to know more about the renewal process, and how to setup offshore company in Qatar. Thallium Consulting will help with entire process of license renewal for your company without any delay.

    Perks of Qatar as Tax haven

    There are numerous perks of choosing Qatar as tax haven. Offshore company setup Qatar provides great benefits to its foreign investors. Some of them are specified below.

    • No corporate or personal tax – Offshore company setup Qatar is not liable to pay any corporate taxes. Other than that, owners, and stakeholders, are also not liable to pay any tax on personal belongings.
    • Does not require a person to be in Qatar – You can remotely incorporate a company in Qatar. It means, you do not have to be present in Qatar, if you wish to establish a company in Qatar.
    • Stable economy and high GDP – All this allow separate benefits to individuals having a company in Qatar.
    • No exchange controls
    • People living in Qatar are broad minded.
    • High levels of transparency.
    • Numerous free trade zones.

    While there are numerous advantages of the offshore company set up Qatar, politically stable environment, stable economy is what make Qatar an ideal destination for forming an offshore company. To make the process offsetting offshore company easier get in touch with Thallium Consulting. Our experts will manage all time taking tasks like setting a business account or getting license renewal so you can focus on growth of your company.