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    About Anguilla

    A British Overseas territory, Anguilla, is situated in the Caribbean. It is located north of Saint Martin, east of the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico, and Leeward Islands’ northerly in the Lesser Antilles. The Indigenous Amerindian peoples occupied this British overseas territory for the first time. Indigenous Amerindian peoples migrated here from South America.


    However, Anguilla was established as a separate British Overseas Territory in 1980. At that time, it was allowed to secede from Navis and Saint Kitts formally. Since then, the country has become one of the most politically stable territories. Anguilla is also one of the internally self-governed overseas territories of the UK. The politics of Anguilla takes place in a parliamentary representative and democratic dependency framework. However, for the military defence of Anguilla, the United Kingdom is responsible.

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    Benefits of an offshore company set up Anguilla

    Like any other country globally, the offshore company set up in Anguilla comes up with its perks. Thankfully, you can manage your expenses and consider forming an offshore company in the region to make the most out of your business. The offshore company in Anguilla can be another excellent yet legal way to decrease your corporate tax bills quickly.

    Along with knowing different key things of how to set up an offshore company in Anguilla, let’s look at some essential benefits of offshore company formation to acquire more about the things in this process in the region:

    • Anguilla is arguably one of the easiest and fastest countries for offshore company set up. Fortunately, the ACORN incorporation system of Anguilla allows you to set up an offshore company here for as little as 24 hours only. And can start enjoying the benefits of an offshore company set up in Anguilla straight away.
    • In Anguilla, you can ensure your investors’ privacy easily. Even though the commercial registry of Anguilla will hold the list of directors and shareholders, the information won’t be available publicly. Authorities aren’t allowable to reveal names publicly.
    • Offshore company formation in Anguilla will not expose you to currency fluctuation because XCD is pegged to USD. Thankfully, due to this, you won’t have to be worried about volatility in the country’s currency.
    • Since Anguilla is a British overseas territory, the legal system of Anguilla is based on the one in the UK. Therefore, whenever it is about regulatory protection, Anguilla is away from the west wild.

    3 Easy Steps to Register Your Company Online

    Corporate banking solution for an offshore company set up in Anguilla.

    Opening a global corporate bank account is essential for your offshore company in Anguilla. For this, you need to get professional’s help; therefore, Thallium Consulting assists you in your corporate offshore bank account opening to let you work with internationally recognized banks to support your financial transactions for your offshore company in Anguilla.


    Finding a reliable corporate banking solution is a must to keep track of your capital gains and smooth transactions. By getting assistance from Thallium Consulting, a member of the top banking team will assist you throughout the process. Ultimately, choosing the best solution for your offshore company formation in Anguilla would become easier for you with us.

    The renewal process of the offshore company in Anguilla

    Anyone operating their business in Anguilla has to get a license from the Ministry of Finance here. For this, you have to fill the application and wait for the approval. After obtaining the approval, send the required application fee for offshore company formation in Anguilla to the Inland Revenue Department; this is important to start your company’s operations in the region.


    However, you must understand that the license will be valid until 31st December of the year you have received it. To keep up with the legal status of your offshore company in Anguilla, you must have to renew your license annually via Inland Revenue Department. The renewal process here is simple and requires you to fill up the renewal application form, prepare all the supporting documents, make a payment for the renewal fee to apply, and you are good to go. To avoid any hassle, it’s always better to get help from professionals; therefore, Thallium Consulting handles all the complex tasks of license renewal, from arranging documents to submitting and obtaining the approval, so you will not have to worry.

    Perks of an offshore company set up Anguilla as a tax-haven

    One of the primary reasons investors prefer to apprehend how to set up an offshore company in Anguilla is a zero-tax facility. Anguilla provides various tax regimes to your offshore company set up here to let you benefit from.


    With a properly structured company in Anguilla, you can house legally tax-exempt profits internationally. Most amazingly, Anguilla comes up with a zero-tax rate on share transfers, the company’s capital, capital gains, and estate transfers as well. In Anguilla, up to 100% ownership is permissible. At least one director and shareholder are necessary for an offshore company set up in the region.


    Overall, Anguilla is a cost-effective and fast country. It has no minimum capital restrictions to setting up an offshore company in the region. Most importantly, it isn’t essential to submit financial statements or even annual tax returns to the government of Anguilla.


    Fortunately, all of these things are applicable for all the registered companies here in Anguilla. Even if the director or owner of the company isn’t a resident of Anguilla, this can be a fantastic opportunity for you to keep up with your present status while enjoying all the perks of the offshore company in the region as a tax haven. From setting up the company’s business account to the renewal of license, Thallium Consulting is here to serve you with the help you need.