So, you want to establish your business in the UAE, and you want to know the  Dubai business set-up cost. It is a big decision because, in the UAE, Dubai is a hub of the global market. Yes, UAE is still the place for business establishment. Therefore, the commercial capital of the UAE enjoys investors swarm every year.

Besides the infrastructural benefits, the lighter tax burden is substantial support for the business owners. In all these facilities, you will not find other Arabic states. This is the reason the country does not put several restrictions on issuing loans for business investors. The UAE offers several business opportunities for investors to step into the field of engineering, consulting, education, e-commerce, real estate, and others. Every year, thousands of companies come to the UAE for business investment.

How to Set-up a Business in the UAE?

Dubai business set-up cost can be a point where you can stuck. However, Setting up a business across the globe is an important decision. Selecting a site to take a new start for your company set-up is the most crucial decision. However, to set-up business in a new state or country needs experience as well as information about the rules and regulations of the country concerning business law and labor law.

To set-up a company in the UAE, it needs experience and expertise. Nevertheless, the investor-friendly UAE Government has introduced some steps to begin a business in the state in order to make the whole procedure simple, and you will not have much business set-up cost.

Dubai Business Set-up Cost:

Choose a Business Activity

For the majority of the investors, it is essential to understand the practicability of the business set up while choosing the activity of the company that you want to begin and complete your research as per the UAE market because the  Dubai business set-up cost is not higher here.

Choose the Jurisdiction

The  Dubai business set-up cost is different as per the type of business activity. Therefore, the UAE market contains two separate zones in order to enhance all business set-up efficiencies. Offshore, Free Zone, and Mainland selecting a jurisdiction based on business activity entirely, requirement, and demands.

Business Structure : ( Dubai Business Set-up Cost)

Investors have to decide the type of legal company structure and form for the business at the starting point. This should be done before licensing the company because it helps you provide an appropriate layout for the company. 

All the companies in UAE are under the structure of share partnership, joint venture, private shareholding, public shareholding, partnership in comments, General Partnership, General trading, and limited liability. So, investors have to decide on the bases of business activity and jurisdiction. Learn about some business structures and Dubai business set-up cost.

An investor has to select an appropriate entity to enjoy the benefits of the proper business structures. Some essential factors are here in this look.

  • Determine your expenses and earnings
  • Cost of setting up a specific entity and administrative demand
  • Marketing plans and business goals
  • The area where an investor has to set up the business
  • Liability exposure from location, service, and product
  • Tax planning is vital to avoid more payments
  • Some of the business structures are here

Sole Proprietorship

Most of the business investors choose this structure because the Dubai business set-up cost for this is reasonable. The investor is the whole sole in charge of the business with complete financial deals, investments, liabilities, obligations, managerial controls, and others. In this structure, an investor gets real-time presence as well as incredible administration for the power users, receptionists, and customer services staff.


If you are choosing a Partnership structure, so, you need two or more people to run your business. All the partners share the liabilities, financial dealings, managerial affairs, cost of production, tax planning, and other expenses like Dubai business set-up cost

To take a start, this is a good option for the newbies. The prime advantage of this structure is that you will not bear the burden of tax solely. The investment of capital depends on the ratio of the partnership.


As per  Dubai business activities requirements, t his legal structure is suitable to run the business and its affairs. It acts like a person while paying a tax. In this way, you can avoid personal liability, however, its disadvantage is the double tax. You can easily handle the assets, liabilities, and business records.


It is a form of partnership that is famous as the LLC in the business industry. It is good for business benefits, and due to the reasonable  Dubai business set-up cost. 

Name and Activity Approval: ( Dubai Business Set-up Cost)

The Economic Department approves the trade name for the investors before they proceed further. So, they can start the company set-up process in the UAE. It needs appropriate documentation as well. In short, this is the first step that will take the investors to the licensing.

After choosing the perfect name which you think will follow your work or business and if not underuse by other registered companies. You should hurry to get your company name registered, too, so no one else is able to use it in the future. The company incorporation services register a company name by protecting your company from anyone else who can steal your company name and start working under it. 

There are three ways to get your company name registered: 

  • Using (dba) doing business as 
  • Create a company structure 
  • Register a trademark

The easiest of the following written is to get your company name registered through (DBA), which is registering a fictional business name; which includes the state in which you are going to open it.

Now, with the name of the company, you have to register your trademark or logo of the company. It creates a difference between your firm’s products and services. Now, all rights are reserved by your company name, and no one can copy it. 

License Your Company : ( Dubai Business Set-up Cost)

First of all, check for the Dubai business set-up cost. There are four kinds of license in UAE that you need to select from if you plan to set a business in the UAE. 

Those are a Tourism license, Industrial License, Professional license, and commercial license. In the UAE, Mainland, these licenses are regulated. However, the licensing structure in the UAE free zone is subject to acts of the business. Some types of business license and application process are given here.

Commercial License and Its Application : ( Dubai Business Set-up Cost)

Learn more about the trade license requirement in Dubai here. At the DED customer service centre in person or through the Department of Economic Development website, investors can apply for the business license.

You will be able to get the approval from other authorities that are relevant to your business type or nature of your economic activity. Take approval from Insurance Authority for the Insurance Industry, the Ministry of Health will approve the healthcare industry, and Tourism Authority will approve the hotel sector or other tourism and hospitality business. All healthcare, transportation, real estate, contracting, and general trading license will come under this category.

Agriculture Licenses

These are issues to the owners of fisheries, livestock farms, and arable.

Craftsmanship Licenses

The industry of printing, blacksmithing, carpentry, and tool manufacturing will come under this category.

Professional License 

These licenses are issued to the investors who work on their scientific talents, academic achievement, intellectual abilities, and mental skills like auditors, lawyers, consultants, and others.

Cost of The Business License And Its Procedure

The documents and procedures required for receiving a business license can be different as per the legal status of the economic activity and enterprise. Similarly, the cost of license approval is different according to the types of business activities. 

On the other hand, the Government changes its requirements and cost by time or every year. So, an investor should check the details from the official website of the Business Development Authority. On the website, you will get the information about the application process and the  Dubai business set-up cost online.

Register Your Company

In the UAE, Company licensing and registration is a concurrent procedure, yet the entire method of approvals and documentation goes through different stages, and it is famous with the name of business registration. In this step, the investor has to get approval from the governmental authorities as per the requirement of the Economic Department. The process of file preparation or documentation is different as per the business activity and company type.

Before you go to register a new company in the UAE online, it is vital for you to know the basics of that particular company and process that how it will run, and what can be the possible hurdles you may encounter.

For tackling this kind of unusual problem, the investors must have basic knowledge about the business in which he is going to start.

Identify Your Funding Source

This is to explain and for the clarity of the organization about the money you are going to use, is not earned in any illegal way, and you are going to run this business to make it legal.

Register For The Correct Taxes 

As rules for taxes are stringent in UAE, so anyone who is willing to get his company registration will have to go through the tax-related terms and conditions and procedures rightly and adequately.

Dubai business set-up cost can cause you to struggle. To apply for the business license approval, you have to fill a form on the web and submit it with all its documents by scanning these online. You will get the details of these documents submitted online on the official website. These are intended for the comfort of the customers; you can get the office to present the report on the web.

Another simple and easy way is to register the organization is to hire the professional services of the professionals. If you are new to the business registration and UAE is a new place for you, then you must focus on hiring the professional services of the company that can help you in business registration.

 These business registration service providers are easy to access online. They will set up the whole record with the reports. The operators know the entire system of enlistment of another business; they offer their administrations online in the severe costs – It expands the comfort of the customers.

Find A UAE Local Sponsor and Partner

Finding a local partner is mandatory as per the UAE Law. It can be tedious for a foreigner to find a reliable and trustworthy sponsor or partner who is UAE national. Every company has to find a UAE National as a partner, and he offers your complete control over your business and documented authority with zero interference.

Get Your External Approvals

You need external approval from non-governmental as well as governmental bodies as per the requirement of the Department of Economic Development. For example, the company requires approvals from embassies, banks, and municipalities.

Select Your Accounting System

Your accounting system should be efficient in order to manage and create a business budget. Set the prices and the rates of the products and services. It must be competent to file your taxes and can conduct all other business affairs. It is good to use modern technology that can reduce your effort and investment.

Dubai business set-up cost will be essential to look at. Once you complete these business startup techniques, then you will be able to establish your business in a short time. Wait for some time because success does not occur overnight. To know the trend of the market, you can take the advice of the business advisor. In this way, you will learn how to be successful.

Cost of Any Company Training in UAE

The  Dubai business set-up cost depends on the nature of the business. The cost for LLC company formation and visa is decided on the bases of government Laws. There are no hidden charges, and it is entirely straight forward. However, the component of costing is distributed under the following heads, including Visa Processing and Immigration, Business license and Documentation, and Attestation. 

Dubai business set-up cost is essential to ponder about. All the UAE Authorities and Embassy have a fee. So, if you hire a business consultant or agent, then you have to pay a fee for that service provider. It will include your business registration budget or cost.

For the standard trading company, the Chamber of commerce charges AED 1200 per year; if it is an industrial company, then the charges are 2200 dirhams. For the Municipality, the waste fee is one thousand dirhams, and for the industrial company, the fee is AED 2000; for a contracting license, AED 2000 per year is an extra fee. Similarly, the costs for the other types of business licenses are given online. Investors have to pay the government 5% of the number of premises rent per year. (The above business set-up cost may vary due to a change in policy).


New business set-up in Dubai or any region of the world is no easy task. Everyone should know the laws and market of the country before finalizing the business set-up or company set-up. UAE is a global market, and it offers several benefits and a reasonable business set-up cost for the new investors.