Expo 2020 is one of the most prestigious events hosted by the UAE to date. It is a unique platform that will enable millions of visitors worldwide to connect and participate. The event is an ideal platform for Business Model that creates value by bringing together customers and manufacturers worldwide. Ever since the UAE won the bid to host the Expo 2020 event, it has invested in infrastructure development and projects. As a result, UAE has seen an enormous business growth cycle. Ahead of the event, many sectors have seen increasing development and exhilaration in terms of new projects.

Expo 2020 is scheduled to be hosted from October 2021 until March 2022. It is projected to attract more than 191 participating nations who will either hold country pavilions or create tangible opportunities to connect and link through Business and Tourism. With only a few weeks left for UAE to open its doors for Expo, it is anticipated to be the most spectacular event UAE has ever hosted. From different culinary concepts to stunning pavilions and sports events, Expo 2020 will have a vast array of attractions.

The event is also expected to bring an immense boost to the overall economy of the country, its basic facilities, infrastructure, and systems that support the sustainable functionality of the country. Although the event got postponed due to the pandemic last year, it is now believed to have created opportunities for employment, tourism, and fiscal growth. UAE had started gearing up for the mega event for a long time and has effectively managed to bring the pandemic under control through its robust vaccination drive, which has resulted in successfully establishing herd immunity. This has further led UAE to open its doors to the travel & tourism industry, which is now almost at the pre-pandemic level. The effective execution of its ambitions and aspirations have always been part of the accomplishment for the country. Moreover, UAE has always believed in being a pioneer for constant change. It keeps on proving its capability of incessantly evolving stronger through different challenges and has constantly scored a dominant place in the international market.

UAE will be hosting around 25 million visitors for Expo 2020, which is anticipated to have enormous effects on the hospitality sector. According to recent reports, UAE has seen a radical surge in hotel & flight bookings. UAE offers hotels that are available for people based on the range that fits everyone’s pocket. It is expected that the hotel bookings within UAE will see a further rise in demand for a period starting from October 2021 to January 2022 because Dubai will host Dubai Shopping Festival apart from Expo 2020. Moreover, the winter season has always been a tourist charm for the country.

Expo 2020 is anticipated to give rise to many employment opportunities within the country, potentially attracting more local and foreign talent. Volunteers have a huge demand to work under the Expo 2020 project under various roles and capacities. The main benefits that the nation will reap are in terms of Investments from foreign entrepreneurs, venture openings, economic variations, employment market, travel and tourism, construction & real estate sectors and development of tourist attractions. The positive impact that the nation will experience is not only limited to the pre-event phase or while holding the event but also as a lasting effect during the legacy period as the site is expected to transform into a District which will contribute towards the evolvement of Technology and Innovation where reputed MNCs are planning to establish their base.

In addition to the effects mentioned above, UAE will also benefit in terms of improved international presence & eminence. UAE has recently enforced a string of new reforms that reinforce its overall values of coexistence, harmony, and tolerance.

There is no doubt that the Expo 2020 event will result in substantial overall growth and boost the economy.