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La trasformazione rivoluzionaria dell’attuale campo giuridico ha richiesto una crescente proliferazione di servizi legali per facilitare la crescita e lo sviluppo economici.

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La trasformazione rivoluzionaria dell’attuale campo legale ha richiesto una crescente proliferazione di servizi legali per facilitare la crescita e lo sviluppo economici. Tradizionalmente, i clienti si rivolgevano ai loro studi legali per fornire una gamma completa di servizi legali e legali, ovvero per gestire ogni aspetto di una questione, comprese quelle attività che non prevedevano la fornitura diretta di servizi legali. Oggi, al contrario, i consumatori di servizi legali si trovano i beneficiari di un numero nuovo e crescente di fornitori di servizi non tradizionali che stanno cambiando il modo in cui viene svolto il lavoro legale specificamente fornitori di servizi legali alternativi, dandoci così un ruolo di servizio più ampio per soddisfare il cliente esterno . I consulenti legali di Thallium Consulting con la loro migliore conoscenza ed esperienza colmano il divario tra i problemi e forniscono una soluzione personalizzata. L’esperienza dei nostri avvocati si basa su scala globale compresa l’interazione personale con i clienti e in tutti i settori di attività, dalle PMI alle multinazionali. Ci concentriamo anche sulla guida dei nostri clienti sulla legalità del problema e della soluzione e sulle azioni da intraprendere per mantenere una chiara comprensione.

Diamo forma ai problemi dei nostri clienti in una soluzione perfetta: Una consulenza su misura e la maggior parte delle soluzioni legali commerciali per affrontare il problema saranno sempre fornite da noi è la convinzione del nostro cliente affidata a Thallium Consulting. I consulenti legali di Thallium Consulting lavorano su due principi fondamentali, ovvero trasparenza e imparzialità, aiutando così i clienti a ottenere una consulenza completa per raggiungere i loro obiettivi di business. Nei casi in cui i nostri clienti sono coinvolti in casi più complessi e multi giurisdizionali, i nostri uffici all’estero e la nostra rete consolidata di aziende partner internazionali ci consentono di rispondere in modo reattivo. La nostra gamma di servizi include consulenza su tutti i tipi di licenze aziendali, costituzione di società Free Zone, Onshore e Offshore, strutturazione e riorganizzazione aziendale, insolvenza e fallimento, mantenimento di registri e documenti legali, rinnovi di licenze e creazione di conti bancari.

How do we process at Thallium?

Know that Thallium Consulting is the expert in business strategy for the companies/businesses you are looking for. Our consultants will accompany you at 360 degrees in the implementation and development of your business project. Entrepreneurs at the core, they understand your requirements better than anyone else. Thanks to our numerous international partners and our specialized knowledge in economic growth, we accompany you in the development and implementation of a business and commercial strategy while remaining reactive to the evolution of the trends that guide your target. We offer you the possibility to study your market, your competitors, your segmentation, and your positioning so that you can stand out and have a clear and achievable business plan. Following are our key services:

Siamo attivi principalmente nelle seguenti aree:

Fusioni e acquisizioni di aziende e avviamentoNegoziazione e redazione di contratti internazionaliAccordo di joint ventureRappresentante legaleContenzioso e arbitratoConsulenza legale per diritto del lavoro, diritto civile, diritto penaleProprietà e contratto di locazioneProprietà intellettuale

Moreover, the regulatory environment for AML compliance is getting complicated day by day. Therefore, it is more critical to conduct AML compliance carefully. This can be done only when you have the right kind of expertise and advice from a knowledgeable Compliance Specialist who can ensure your business is protected from all attributes of Money Laundering, Terrorist Financing & other Compliance risks. 

It is often observed that financial institutions and firms are facing immense pressure to comply with AML regulations. Whether administrating an urgent issue or addressing compliance on a large scale, the businesses need to ensure that their Compliance Program is well defined to combat any risks related to Terrorist Financing and Money Laundering is in line with the requirements from the Regulatory bodies.

Thallium Consulting, Company Setup, company formation

So, we at Thallium Consulting come to your help. 

Thallium Consulting is one of the most dependable firms which strives to provide Compliance Consultancy services that help in preventing, detecting & deterring Money Laundering & Terrorist financing.

We at Thallium Consulting always strive to remain updated with the ever-changing policies & regulations of the latest AML Acts. We keep a regular check on the modifications made in the local & International AML Laws to give outstanding service to our clients.

Our AML Consultants will draft the Industry-specific Compliance policies & offer all the necessary information about the regulatory guidelines & how best you can implement them in your Organization.

Following Compliance related services can be offered by us:

  • Assessment of tools and controls design
  • Reviewing the existing AML Policies within the Organization & identifying gaps in line with the regulatory requirements.
  • Drafting Complete Risk & Compliance framework
  • AML audit and reporting
  • Due diligence Frameworks and process implementations
  • Anti-corruptions and financial frauds frameworks
  • Corporate Training on Compliance related policies

Dispute Resolution

Our lawyers have unparalleled experience when it comes to dispute resolution in all kind of fields.

We represent individuals and private companies in court and arbitration and are familiar with procedures in both the United Arab Emirates and France, making us highly qualified to defend your interests across multiple jurisdictions.  

We can assist you in drafting summons, legal notices, and submissions and serve them to the defaulting party. If you are not willing to immediately go into proceedings, we can also advise you and provide you with a legal opinion regarding your situation and the chances of success of your claim. 

On the contrary, we will assist you to the best of our ability to defend your interests.

In any case, we will always favour an amicable settlement before going to court or arbitration because we believe that some issues can be resolved without court proceedings, which will help you save both time and resources.

Due to our experience and transversal approach, we will offer you a tailored solution to ensure the success of your case.

Corporate Law

Corporate law is often delicate to navigate, but it becomes significantly easier with a team of highly qualified lawyers. 

We provide legal advice concerning company incorporation, whether onshore, offshore, or mainland, and regarding the establishment of representative offices and sponsorship arrangements. 

Thallium’s lawyers advise companies of all sizes based in the Middle East, Europe, and Asia in a broad range of sectors. Our lawyers have a significant understanding of local and international corporate and tax laws, allowing our clients to gain a comprehensive analysis of their situation.

We work tirelessly to ensure that your business blooms and maintains its commercial objectives while complying with a wide array of regulations. 

International Contracts

At Thallium, we have lawyers specialized in international contracts who understand the complexity of these legally binding instruments and their possible implications. 

We draft and review contracts, which include, but not limited to:

  • Sale and Purchase Agreements
  • Commercial partnerships
  • Franchise Agreements
  • Shareholders Agreements or Side Agreements
  • Joint Venture Agreements
  • Agency or Distribution Agreements
  • Service Agreements
  • Settlement Agreements
  • Non-disclosure and non-competition Agreements
  • Introducer Agreements
  • Sale of goods contracts
  • Employment contracts
  • Procurement contracts
  • Power of Attorney
  • Wills

Each of the contracts is precisely adapted to your different sectors of activity and tailored to your specific needs. 

While drafting or reviewing your contract, we evaluate your industry’s legal risks and local constraints. We alert you of potential issues that may arise and give recommendation on the choice of foreign law, the choice of jurisdiction or also of dispute resolution mechanisms and whether to include an arbitration clause etc. We also assist you in the process of negotiating your contract or enforcing it before the court or the arbitral tribunal. 

Tax Law

Tax laws are imperative to consider when starting your business, and overlooking them would negatively impact it.  

Whilst it may feel overwhelming with the diverse taxes that apply to different corporations and individuals, our tax specialists across our international network have a thorough understanding of tax laws both on a regional and international level and will ensure that you fully comply with them. 

They will ensure that you are being prevented from being penalized and provide you with specific advice depending on your sectors of activity.

Real Estate Law

Whether you are an investor, contractor, developer or private property owner, you can trust our lawyers to provide the best legal expertise and guidance. In a country with a wide range of residential and commercial properties, it is crucial to be aware of the rights investors, developers, brokers, and sellers possess. We put our clients first and ensure their rights are being protected. With knowledgeable and committed lawyers, you are sure to be satisfied with our services.

We can represent various parties in real estate disputes, from investors to developers. Our experience in this aspect of law makes us more than capable of appearing before court or arbitral tribunal to settle disputes.