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    Thallium Legal Consultancy is s a multidisciplinary Law Firm based in the United Arab Emirates which aims to understand the uniquely diverse needs and interests of its clients.
    At a local and global level, our firm assists both individuals and private companies of all sizes, in every sector, including but not limited to e-commerce, telecommunication, retails, real estate, infrastructure and transport, food and beverage.
    We value the importance of trust and competence, and therefore provide our client with the finest solutions in every kind of legal practices, whether that be dispute resolution, commercial contracts, civil law, corporate law, criminal law, employment law, real estate or tax.

    We intervene in complex issues and have developed a transversal expertise relevant to technical, financial, and legal issues. This allow us to provide our clients with appropriate solutions, that are both efficient and cater to their constantly evolving and challenging needs.
    Our lawyers are admitted to practice both in France and in the United Arab Emirates and have extensive knowledge of regional and international laws, making us more than qualified to assist our client in cross-border issues.
    We also carefully choose our network of international lawyers and in this regard, we have a growing partnership in Europe, North Africa, Middle East and in Asia.

    How do we process at Thallium?

    Our lawyers organize a meeting at your convenience, whether that be over the phone or in the office, to enquire about your specific demands.

    Upon receiving all relevant documents, we establish a prompt, efficient, and cost-effective line of action.

    We then provide you with a clear and transparent fee agreement, specifying the amount or the method of determining the fees, in accordance with the lawyer’s Code of Ethics. Our fees depend on the time spent on the case, the research work, the nature and difficulty of the case and the importance of the interests involved.

    Our fee agreement details and encompasses all services required, such as analysis of documents, factual and judicial research, drafting, communication with our client and, eventually the opposing party.

    If formally agreeing to our services and to the payment, we will begin working on the case, remaining in constant contact throughout. The final draft will be shared with you for your approval and eventual observations.

    Rest assured that Attorney-client privileges protect all information and documents you share with us.

    Risk & Compliance

    Implementing a robust Compliance and Risk assessment program across your business is gaining importance as stricter and tighter regulations against money laundering and terrorist funding is being imposed by the governing bodies within the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and globally. With the increasing complex compliance requirements, it has become challenging to remain compliant with the ever-changing regulations.

    Additionally, it is of utmost importance to adopt a Risk-based approach while drafting the Compliance Program that can be applied across the Organization. However, assessing the money laundering/financing terrorism risks in an organization and deciding on taking the right tools and techniques for mitigating these risks can be a significant challenge.

    Moreover, the regulatory environment for Anti Money Laundering (AML)/Combating the Financing of Terrorism (CFT) is getting more complicated. Therefore, it is more critical to conduct compliance carefully. This can be done only when you have the right kind of expertise and advice from knowledgeable Compliance Specialists who can ensure your business is protected from all attributes of Money Laundering, Terrorist Financing, and other Compliance risks.

    In particular certain categories of companies are facing immense pressure to comply with the said regulations. Whether administrating an urgent issue or addressing compliance on a large scale, the businesses need to ensure that their Compliance Program is well defined to combat any risks related to Terrorist Financing and Money Laundering and is in line with the requirements from the Regulatory bodies.

    What does Thallium Consulting offer in Risk and Compliance?

    Thallium Legal Consultancy is one of the most dependable firms which aims to provide Compliance Consultancy services that help in preventing, detecting, and deterring Money Laundering and Terrorist financing.

    We always strive to remain updated with the ever-changing policies and regulations of the latest AML Laws. We keep a regular check on the modifications made in the local and International Laws to give outstanding service to our clients.

    Our Compliance Officer will draft the industry-specific Compliance policies and offer all the necessary information about the regulatory guidelines and how best you can implement them in your organization.

    Compliance related services that can be offered by us are:

    • Assessment of tools and controls design.
    • Reviewing the existing AML/CFT Policies within the organization and identifying gaps in line with the regulatory requirements.
    • Drafting Complete Risk and Compliance framework.
    • AML audit and reporting.
    • Due diligence Frameworks and process implementations.
    • Anti-corruptions and financial frauds frameworks.
    • Corporate Training on Compliance related policies.

    As part of day-to-day operations in an organization, Companies need to obtain and process vital information that is handled at various levels. This information comprises of highly vulnerable customer information which can make the customers identifiable through sensitive data like their names, addresses, digital footprints, photographs, social security numbers, financial data etc.

    The Federal laws across the world are implemented to set in place many legislations that help us protect the data and the privacy of the persons and the companies that we deal with.

    Our Compliance Consultants who are experts in this field can help you in securing your data by drafting stringent policies that are based on all relevant Local and Federal laws. These policies will ensure your corporate data is collected and utilized in such a way that they:

    • Focus on collecting data fairly and for lawful purposes only.
    • The data is processed by the company within its legal and moral boundaries.
    • And lastly, the data will be protected against any unauthorized or illegal access by internal or external parties.

    We can also assist you with submission of Economic Substance regulations report!

    Dispute Resolution

    In order to get a dispute resolved between you and other parties, it is important to hire a reliable law firm. Our lawyers have unparalleled experience when it comes to dispute resolution in all kinds of fields and sectors of activities.

    We represent individuals and private companies in court and arbitration, for financial disputes, contractual disputes, real estate disputes and employment disputes etc. The main advantage is that we are familiar with procedures in both the United Arab Emirates and in France, hence making us highly qualified to defend your interests across multiple jurisdictions.

    We can assist you in drafting summons, legal notices, and submissions and serve it to the opponent party in Arabic as well as in English for your understanding. Our lawyers will plead and present the evidence in front of the court.

    Before each submission our Lawyers will take the time to explain the draft to you in a more comprehensive language for you to understand.

    If you are not willing to immediately go into proceedings, we can also advise you and provide you with a legal opinion regarding your situation and the chances of success of your claim.

    In the contrary, we will assist you to the best of our ability to defend your interests.

    In any case, we will always favour an amicable settlement before going to court or arbitration because we believe that some issues can be resolved without court proceedings, which will help you save both time and resources and our lawyers are skilled in negotiation.

    Alternative Dispute resolution such as Mediation and Conciliation is also an effective way through which a dispute can be resolved, and our lawyers can either participate as a mediator/conciliator or as a counsel to assist you throughout the process.

    Due to our experience and transversal approach, we will be able to offer you a tailored solution to increase your chances of winning and ensure the success of your case.

    Corporate Law

    Corporate law is often delicate to navigate around, but with a team of highly qualified lawyers, it becomes significantly easier.

    We provide legal advice and submit related legal opinion in relation with company incorporation whether onshore, offshore, or mainland and also regarding the establishment of representative offices and sponsorship arrangements but also on corporation’s structure.

    Thallium Legal Consultancy’s lawyers advise companies of all sizes based in the Middle East, Europe, and in Asia in a broad range of sectors. Our lawyers have significant understanding of local and international corporate and tax laws, allowing our clients to gain a comprehensive analysis of their situation.

    Some of the corporate law services that we offer are:

    • Mergers and acquisitions (M&A): This financial transaction involving the purchase or absorption of one company by another is particularly complex but plays a key role in allowing you to expand your business while increasing your assets. Our lawyers along with our Compliance Officers help you to due a legal due diligence before operating.
    • Trademark Registration: A trademark is any distinguished form of words, names, slogan, signatures, symbols, letters, figures, graphics, logos, titles, pictures, etc. that companies use to distinguish their products or services from others competitors.

    In the digital age, it is therefore highly important to protect your company against any fraudulent use of your trademark, thus ensuring that the brand image of your company remain intact for the benefit of your customers. Our lawyers can register your trademark in the United Arab Emirates as well as in France and Europe.

    • Company Incorporation: Our lawyers will resolve any issues that might appears during the process of your company incorporation. Their role is to ensure that all the team of Thallium Consulting are aware and up to date on all the new regulations to be followed.

    At Thallium Legal Consultancy, we work tirelessly to ensure that your business blooms and maintains its commercial objectives while complying with wide array regulations.

    International Contracts

    At Thallium Legal Consultancy, we have lawyers specialized in international contracts who understand the complexity of these legally binding instruments and their possible implications. Our lawyers are very well versed into French law, UAE law and international law.

    We draft and review contracts, which include, but not limited to:

    • Sale and Purchase Agreements;
    • Commercial partnerships;
    • Franchise Agreements;
    • Shareholders Agreements or Side Agreements;
    • Joint Venture Agreements;
    • Agency or Distribution Agreements;
    • Service Agreements;
    • Settlement Agreements;
    • Non-disclosure and non-competition Agreements;
    • Introducer Agreements;
    • Sale of goods contracts;
    • Employment contracts;
    • Procurement contracts;
    • Wills;
    • Power of Attorney.

    Each of the contracts are precisely adapted to your different sectors of activity and tailored to your specific needs and can be drafted in French, English as well as in Arabic.

    When creating a new business or starting a new relationship either with individuals or companies, it is advisable to be accompanied by lawyers to represent your interests in the best possible way and to anticipate any dispute that can arise.

    While drafting or reviewing your contract, we evaluate the legal risks and local constraints associated with your industries.

    At Thallium Legal Consultancy, based on the information you provide us with, we alert you of potential issues that may arise and give recommendation such as the choice of foreign law, the choice of jurisdiction or also of dispute resolution mechanisms and whether to include an arbitration clause; the shipping and payment term, the termination and force majeure clauses. We take time to inform you on the consequences of theses choices, such as the complexity of the legal processes, the potential litigation expenses and the enforcement of judgments.

    When entering into a contract it may sometimes be necessary to negotiate the terms with several parties. These parties need to be identified and their rights/obligations clearly outlined in order to minimise the legal and financial risks involved. Thallium Legal Consultancy will assist you in the negotiation and drafting of your contract from from the beginning to the signature.

    Thallium Legal Consultancy will also assist you in the process of enforcing your contract before the court or the arbitral tribunal.

    Tax Law

    In the United Arab Emirates, the federal government does not levy taxes on the income of individuals or, under certain conditions, companies. Moreover, one of the main advantages is that they are no withholding taxes imposed on the payment of dividends, interest or royalties.

    However, Tax laws exist, each of the Emirates have issued their own tax decrees and the United Arab Emirates has signed no less than 113 double taxation treaties even if some of them are still awaiting entry into force. Consequently, Tax laws are imperative to consider when starting your business and overlooking them would negatively impact your company.

    Depending on your main place of business, your sector of activity or the size of your company, there is a plethora of taxes that may apply to different companies and individuals. For this reason, our tax experts in our international network are able to advise you with their in-depth knowledge of tax regulations, both regionally and internationally.

    We will ensure that you receive sound and comprehensive legal advice to keep you in compliance with the tax legislation relevant to your situation.

    Regarding Tax laws our services include legal opinion based on the following:

    • Value-Added Tax (VAT) which has been effective in the United Arab Emirates since January 2018 and applies a standard rate of 5% to most domestic supplies of goods and services, with a mandatory or voluntary threshold per annum which must be filed online with valid tax invoices;
    • Municipal/Property Taxes;
    • Customs Duty which is imposed in certain sectors of industries;
    • Excise Tax, which has been applicable in the United Arab Emirates since the end of 2017;
    • Digital Tax Stamp (DTS).

    At Thallium Legal consultancy, we will ensure that you are being prevented from being penalised and will provide you with specific advice depending on your sectors of activity.

    Thallium Legal Consultancy can also assist you regarding:

    • Tax penalties;
    • Tax litigation;
    • Valuation disagreements.

    Real Estate Law

    Despite the global health crisis linked to the COVID 19 epidemic, Dubai Real Estate still remain a decent investment opportunity. Indeed, Dubai is a commercial hub highly prized by property investors from all countries, and compared to others similar trading hubs, property prices are less expensive, thus making Dubai one of the most attractive real estate investment market worldwide.

    However, whether you are a developer, investor, contractor, or a private property owner, it is important to be advised by a professional on the several Real Estate law in the United Arab Emirates.

    When acquiring, renting and selling properties, in a country with a wide range of residential and commercial properties, it is important to be aware of the taxes associated with as well as the rights/obligations of the investors, developers, brokers, and sellers possess. This is a long and complex process and to avoid any subsequent difficulties, it is preferable to call on a lawyer as the earliest possible. At Thallium Legal Consultancy, our lawyers will provide the best legal expertise and guidance regarding Real Estate/Property law notwithstanding your sector of activities.

    Our knowledgeable and committed lawyers have also a wide experience for drafting and negotiating contracts related to this complex field and will assist you from the promise to buy/to purchase to the Sale and Purchase Agreement.

    We can also represent various parties in real estate disputes, from investors to developers. Our experience in this aspect of law makes us more than capable of appearing before court or arbitral tribunal to settle disputes.

    Besides, disputes between landlords and tenants are common in the UAE and can take any form, such as repair issues to non-payment and eviction. Therefore, it is important to be assisted with a lawyer for carefully studying the terms of the lease agreement in order to understand the rights and responsibilities as a landlord or a tenant. Regarding this matter, our lawyers always try to avoid going to court and favour less costly options.

    At Thallium Legal Consultancy, we put our clients first and ensure their rights are being protected and advise them on the legal actions that can be done.