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The payroll module automates the payroll process by collecting employee time and attendance data...

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    The payroll module automates the payroll process by collecting employee time and attendance data, calculating several deductions and taxes, and periodically making payroll cheques and employee tax reports. Data is usually fed from human resources and time monitoring modules to compute and calculate manual cheque writing and automatic deposit capabilities. This module covers all employee-related transactions, as well as the current financial management system.

    How can Thallium Consulting help you manage your HR and Payroll systems?

    • HR

      Recruiting is sowing the seeds of your reputation!


      A personalized H.R. solution in the shortest possible time

      Our recruitment firm is dedicated to ensuring all your international recruitment projects with the help of our specialist human resources consultants and multinational partners. Thallium Consulting helps you to find the best international candidate in line with your needs by applying its expertise and know-how in the field of recruitment. We have an extensive network of offices around the world, and each of our consultants is a master in the industry or field that recruits into. We use our highly competitive skills, knowledge, and experience to find the best candidate for your vacant positions.

      Thallium is the ideal partner: 

      Thallium Consulting is the leader in the field of talent management solutions. As an expert in the Human Resources market, we advise and assist companies in the design of their team for the creation and implementation of their company in Dubai or the Emirate.
      According to your expectations and your constraints, we search and select candidates efficiently, with the key to precise and fast recruitment. Thallium Consulting is your intermediary in the search for collaborators with those who are looking for a job, and we work with the top 10 recruiting companies in the UAE that offer good prospects for advancement. Our multilingual team ensures a simple, effective communication and accompanies you in your search for qualified profiles :

      • Defination of your need
      • Search for profiles targeted to your needs
      • Validation of skills
      • Job interview
      • Profile analysis
      • Detailed presentation of profiles for validation
      • Follow-up of the integration of your new candidates DISCOVERING

    • PayRoll

      We understand how critical it is to relocate a company or a team to another country and we ultimately know how crucial it is to receive the salary on time, to pay fewer taxes, and to manage all your administrative matters, and how difficult it is to help your employees in this adventure. We guarantee you a smooth transition in the Middle East, and anywhere in the world with an optimal information system that will allow you to focus on your own goals, save time and have a single interlocutor at Thallium Consulting.
      We are here to make your professional life more comfortable and save you more time and money. Therefore, we manage employee administration from A to Z thanks to our extensive payroll experience and expertise as a Professional Employer’s Organization (PEO) in the region. We understand the business and needs of our clients for whom we offer our best services:

      • Managing employee
      • Immigration and Work Permit Management
      • Driver’s license Management
      • Pay slips
      • Management of performance evaluations
      • Health insurance support
      • Training
      • Employee Self-Service
      • Time & Attendance
      • End of Contract


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