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    Things to know about Seychelles

    Seychelles is a group of 115 magnificent islands located in the Indian Ocean. Seychelles has some of the most mesmerizing beaches and world-class natural reserves. Around 46% of Seychelles is covered with reserves.


    Seychelles was discovered in 1502 by Visco De Gama. British ruled Seychelles between 1814-1976. After acquiring independence from the British, it now has a stable government. Seychelles economy heavily depends upon tourism. In addition, you can see some rare wildlife species in Seychelles.

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    The offshore company set-up in Seychelles

    Offshore company setup Seychelles offers numerous opportunities through IBC. Therefore, business owners can operate by paying nothing in taxes, protecting all their transaction history, and keeping other valuable information confidential.


    All this helps corporate businesses to generate a higher yield. Not only this, but the offshore company set up in Seychelles also has a more convenient and reliable offshore business model, with the best protection regulations. In addition, offshore company formation in Seychelles is also less prone to be damaged by natural disasters as it lies far away from the cyclone belt.


    Having an offshore company set up in Seychelles lets you get some of the best offshore packages and protection. Moreover, both the legal and regulatory authorities are promising. Being part of the British Commonwealth, offshore companies in Seychelles are free from any political disturbances. Corporate laws are auspicious, which are well-respected.


    Forming an offshore company in Seychelles has provided more incredible benefits to investors and stakeholders in the past. Therefore, setting up an offshore company in Seychelles is no longer a problem, and it’s relatively easy and simple. The costs are low, and the security of offshore companies in Seychelles is top-notch.


    These factors make Seychelles the best place for investors who want to set up an offshore company in the region. To learn how to set up an offshore company in Seychelles, you should know the process. You should also know some of the benefits, which we will discuss in a while. However, to learn how to set up an offshore company in Seychelles, you need the following:

    • Bank statement
    • Application form
    • Government fees or registration fees.
    • A copy of your passport
    • Statement of your address

    Make sure to have these documents available and send them to Seychelle’s business registry to set up an offshore company in the region.

    Benefits of offshore company formation in Seychelles

    In addition to providing a politically stable environment, there are various benefits that offshore company in Seychelles provides. Some of the most useful ones are specified below.

    • Reasonable registration and license fees
    • You do not need any threshold capital amount to form an IBC in Seychelles.
    • Low government fees
    • Tax-free business model, transactions. No corporate tax
    • Banking secrecy protects both the assets and identity of the IBC investors.
    • No international agreements on dual taxation
    • Exchange controls are not permitted.
    • Monetary inducements

    3 Easy Steps to Register Your Company Online

    Corporate banking solution for Offshore Company

    While Seychelles has a prominent and favourable jurisdiction globally, Thallium Consulting has some best corporate banking solutions. Some of the corporate banking solutions that help you gain more benefits from an offshore company set up in Seychelles are listed below:

    • Internet banking – One of the best corporate banking solutions that banks of Seychelles offer are internet banking. With internet banking, you can remotely do transactions in Seychelles. For example, you can transfer funds, send money, check mortgages, loans, etc.
    • Telephone and fax banking is also available – This corporate banking solution allows you fax transmissions. Fax transmissions are more secure and are well encrypted. Hence, they are more difficult to hack.
    • Availability of SWIFT – With SWIFT, you can view your transactions in detail, including the charges and more.

    ATM card – ATM card is also available, which offers customers significant convenience.

    The renewal process of the offshore company set up in Seychelles.

    If you want to keep your offshore company in Seychelles up and running, you must renew it annually. If your offshore company in Seychelles is not renewed, it can be liquidated. Annual renewal fees consist of two components. This includes mandatory fees and optional fees. The mandatory fee is the government fee, while the compulsory fee is for any additional services you want. To renew your offshore company, you need to pay an annual renewal fee on the day before the company’s incorporation anniversary date; not following the date will result in:

    • 10% penalty fee if the annual fee is not paid on time.
    • 50% late penalty fee if the payment is over 90 days late.

    If the entire process seems confusing, do not worry because Thallium Consulting experts will handle such complex tasks for you from A-Z.

    Perks of the offshore company set up in Seychelles as a tax haven

    As mentioned above, Seychelles has a stable political system due to it being a part of the British Commonwealth. Seychelles also provides the IBC investors with one of the finest business opportunities. In short, Seychelles is one of the best financial centres. Some of the perks of offshore companies in Seychelles as a tax haven are listed below.

    • Self-governed region – Seychelles is an independent state, meaning no external legal jurisdictions can interfere with businesses associated with Seychelles. For example, European Union.
    • Member of the UN – Being part of the United Nations, Seychelles provides some of the best IBC perks of all time.
    • Residence and work permits allowed for IBC owners and investors – Overseas investors can gain residence and work permits. Of course, some rules and regulations might need to be followed.
    • You can incorporate IBC company in Seychelles in 24 hours.

    All of these perks make Seychelles an ideal place for establishing IBC and perfect for a tax haven.