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    About PANAMA

    Panama is a famous country on the isthmus linking, which is present between Central and South America. It is the narrow bridge land that connects North and south America. The famous human-made canal is known as Panama Canal, and it is believed to join the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.


    This linkage between the Atlantic and the Pacific Ocean creates an easy way for shipping routes. In the capital city, which is known as Panama City, there are casinos and other activities, and it is also best known for skyscrapers or nightclubs. Spanish is an official spoken language in Panama.

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    Why is the offshore company formation in Panama so famous?

    Generally, the formation of an offshore company around the world is widespread. Many places are considered to be ideal for offshore companies setups. However, Panama City is known to be the perfect place among all states.


    There are several great reasons to set up an offshore company in the lands of Panama; one of the biggest reasons is its most significant and longest-standing jurisdictions. It is mainly done from an investment point of view and for holding real estate matters.


    The cooperation in the state of Panama was established in the year, 1927. Since the year 1927, the cooperation law has given the form to the Panamanian corporation. During this whole period, Panama has registered more than 400,000 offshore setups.


    The offshore company which is set up in Panama is under the influence of IBC. IBC is also known as an international business corporation, and it is known to provide ease and benefits to business individuals. For such benefits and favours, Panama is considered the ideal place for offshore companies.


    The state of Panama has the best standards. It is due to many reasons which create an exceptional standard of Panama. The lands of Panama have a very flexible way of working. The rules are regulations for the setup of an offshore company are very easy and practical.


    There is no type of fraud or illegal activity. The priority of every business or firm owner is privacy and safe work. Therefore, Panama professionally fulfils the requirements regarding the safety of work and security. If you are searching for opening a bank account in Panama, you must know certain things.


    The Panamanians usually accept the Americans and non-residentials as well. They are also known to accept other corporate beings. But there are some conditions for getting accepted. The clients or the interested parties must have a Panama copy, and all other legal documentation must be fulfilled.


    The other reason why offshore company setup Panama has become famous is its strategic location. The location of Panama is very beneficial. Most of Panama is as a bridge. It makes it suitable for offering a wide range of financial and trading benefits.


    The well reupdated political condition of the city of Panama also adds additional points in the setup of offshore companies. In Panama, there is no civil or political rivalry. Such factors motivate the traders and business people to invest in Panama.


    The low risks regarding the investments related to business deals are yet another reason for the offshore company set up in Panama.

    Benefits of offshore company formation in Panama

    There are many reasons related to the offshore company formation in Panama. Some of the primary advantages or benefits of the offshore company formation in Panama are stated below.

    • No need for real names; they can be anonymous.
    • No taxes are required for the non-residentials as well.
    • Beneficial in corporate laws.
    • Strict privacy laws.
    • Excellent and stable condition of the government.
    • No capital stock tax.

    The benefits mentioned above can also guide how to set up an offshore company in Panama.

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    Corporate banking solution for offshore company setup Panama

    There are many corporate banking solutions for offshore companies set up in Panama. Some of the corporate banking solutions for offshore company setup Panama are mentioned below.

    • USD is the main currency – the importance of stable and valuable currency matters a lot. Since Panama offers the use of USD currency, there are no risks.
    • Stable banking system – since the start, Panama has had a safe and reputed banking system and environment.
    • Does not entertain any mutual entities – this factor keeps the company’s private data safe and secure.

    The above-specified points explain the corporate banking solution offered by Panama to individuals. If you want the banking solutions for your company, get assistance from Thallium Consulting.

    The renewal process of the company in Panama

    To retain the company in good and stable condition, the renewal process of the company is essential. For the renewal process, the individual or the party needs to pay some amount of money.


    This amount should be paid annually on the date at which your company was incorporated. If the annual franchise taxes are not paid, there can be no renewal in Panama. Thallium Consulting experts will handle this for you without any hassle.


    The following are the deadlines for tax payment.


    From January 1 to June 30, June 30: July 15

    From July 1 to December 31, December 31: January 15

    Perks of Panama as Tax haven

    Panama City is famous as the Tax haven. There are many benefits and long history due to which it has become a tax haven. There are several benefits of Panama as a tax haven. Some of the perks are mentioned below.

    • Sound communication system – communication is what makes the environment stronger. The offshore company setup has a good level of understanding and speaking skills.
    • Good incorporation laws – the laws are regulated by the IBC, which benefits many entities.
    • No inventory or succession tax – there is no need of paying inventory or succession tax.

    The above-specified points also explain how to set up an offshore company in Panama. If you are still confused or require any professional help, Thallium Consulting is available at your service.


    Thallium Consulting can help you get all the benefits mentioned above of setting up an offshore company in Panama.