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    Things you need to know about Malta

    Before learning how to set up an offshore company in Malta, you must know about Malta. Malta is a group of three islands. They include Malta, Gozo, and Comino. In short, Malta is an island nation, which lies in the centre of the Mediterranean Sea and the North coast of Africa. Malta is about 80 km south of Sicily. Sicily is another island that lies in Italy.

    Malta has only 316 km of land, making Malta one of the smallest island nations in the world. There are two spoken languages in Malta, English and Maltese. Malta consists of many historic sites, including fortresses, temples, and cathedrals. All of these infrastructures date back to 4000 B.C.


    In addition, Malta’s economy mainly depends on trade, tourism, and of course, some of the best fiscal facilities. For this reason, IBC investors are constantly looking for opportunities to set up an IBC in Malta.

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    Why is offshore company formation in Malta famous?

    Malta offers numerous benefits to both foreigners and non-residents. Every offshore company in Malta is based on the British Common Law. Thus, it is the reason many foreigners are interested in establishing the company in Malta and aspire to understand the process of setting up an offshore company in the region.


    Malta is a member of the European Union. Having an offshore company in the region allows you and other foreigners to access E.U. tax contracts. It means that by setting up an offshore company in Malta, you are not liable to double taxation.


    In addition, an offshore company in Malta also provides foreigners and non-residents with a European domicile. All of this is deemed favourable by many foreign IBC investors. Malta has a strict and well-known jurisdiction. Offshore companies in Malta also pay low taxes, and because of Malta’s dividend imputation system, they can avoid corporate taxes.


    Malta’s favourable geographical location, stable political system, and low taxes make it perfect for forming an offshore company.

    Benefits of setting up the company in Malta

    There are numerous financial benefits due to which Malta has become one of the best nations for offshore company formation. Some of the benefits that offshore company in Malta provides are:

    • Zero tax benefits
    • Bilingual country (Both Maltese and English are spoken)
    • 20% of the share capital’s amount must be paid on the date the company was established. The outstanding amount should be paid within a year of incorporation.
    • Modern and flexible regulation.
    • Confidentiality
    • Corporation structure
    • Low maintenance costs
    • No exit taxes
    • No duty on documents.

    These are some of the attractive benefits that you can acquire by incorporating a company in Malta. Hence, to generate higher revenue, review these benefits before setting up an offshore company in Malta.

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    Corporate banking solution for offshore company set up in Malta

    Malta’s banking system is one of the leading offshore banking systems in the world. Its banking system is ranked 10th by the World Economic Forum. Furthermore, there are numerous corporate banking solutions provided by Thallium Consulting, which has reduced the stress of foreign investors. Some of the corporate banking solutions which Malta offers to its offshore companies are:

    • Favourable interest rates – Favorable interest rates are provided to non-residents having a corporate account.
    • No withholding tax – No withholding tax applies to non-residents and foreigners on interest paid by the bank. It means customers can generate a higher revenue while spending low or not at all.
    • Credit card available – Corporate banks in Malta also allows corporate customers to have their credit card. All this helps with remote transactions.
    • Chequebook – You can also get chequebooks if you have a corporate bank account in Malta.
    • Supports foreign currency – You can open a corporate account in Malta with any foreign currency.

    The renewal process of the company in Malta

    To renew your offshore company setup Malta, you need to pay an annual renewal fee. You must pay it on the anniversary date of your company’s incorporation in Malta. Your account can also be closed if you are unable to pay the annual renewal fees on time.


    In addition, the annual renewal fee consists of two parts. It includes a service fee and a government fee. If you are stressed about license renewal, do not worry because Thallium Consulting experts will handle all such hectic tasks with perfection.

    Perks of Malta as Tax haven

    • Tax-free capital gains – The capital gains are not taxed. It means that you can invest more without worrying about getting taxed.
    • Single-member company ownership – Even a single person can incorporate a company in Malta. It means you can reduce the number of shareholders and acquire all the shares of the company.
    • Nominee services – Nominee services are also available. It means you can appoint a nominee to handle all the affairs of your company incorporated in Malta. This benefit can be beneficial if you are a prominent business owner having multiple companies in Malta.
    • No exchange control – Since becoming a part of the European Union, Malta does not support exchange control. Now, Euro is the official currency of Malta.
    • No wealth and inheritance tax – No tax on your wealth and the inherited amount; All this can help you increase your wealth.
    • Close to Europe – Malta is close to Europe, which also provides numerous financial and political benefits.

    Although there are numerous advantages of the offshore company set up in Malta, including auspicious jurisdictions, tax-free environment, and corporate banking solution make Malta an ideal destination for offshore companies in the region. Thallium Consulting is here to provide you with the guidance and assistance you need while setting up your offshore company in Malta.