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    Company Formation in Ireland

    Ireland, officially known as the Republic of Ireland situated in the UK’s northeast. Commonly, Ireland is a famous country due to its cornucopia of folklore and vivid scenic landscapes. Ireland is home to three World Heritage Sites. Also, it contains various other places on the top of tentative lists of visitors in Ireland.

    Even though the Island of Ireland consists of a population ranging from 5 to 6 million in numbers only, still, it is one of the most popular countries in the world. Even more, Ireland is known to be the British Isles’ second largest island. Also, it is the 20th largest island on the Earth while the third-largest in Europe.

    Ireland is also a country with incredible history and beautiful scenery. Geographically, the country is divided into two parts, i.e., the Republic of Ireland covering 5/6th of the island and North Ireland, which is the UK’s part.

    The Irish government is the cabinet that is exercising executive authority in Ireland. Irish and English are two official languages used in Ireland.

    From the 1950s, the country has seen a significant shift from an agricultural country to industry and then a service-driven economy. The primary sectors of the company are adding a substantial part to its GDP. These sectors include tourism, services, and technology. Chief exports of Ireland comprise food products, such as beef, lamb, and potatoes, machinery, pharmaceuticals, and minerals such as zinc and lead. Automobile, aircraft components, and oil are some of the major imports of Ireland.

    Ireland is highly welcoming for offshore company formation here. This is one of the primary reasons why more than 1,500 companies have chosen Ireland as a country to base their business. Surprisingly, these companies aren’t from Europe only but from all around the world. With the help of experts from Thallium Consulting, it will get easier for you to set up your offshore company without any hurdles.

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    Benefits of the offshore company set up Ireland

    The Irish government is providing a lower tax environment for offshore companies here. However, if you want to know more about different aspects of how to set up an offshore company in Irish, have a look at the details given below.

    Whenever it is about offshore company formation, besides knowing how to set up an offshore company in Ireland, people also prefer to know the benefits they will get from offshore company formation in Ireland. To let you know how offshore company formation in Ireland can be advantageous for you, we have enlisted the most critical yet convincing benefits of an offshore company set up in Ireland.

    • The offshore company set up in Ireland is an excellent gateway to Europe. It is because registering for offshore company formation in Ireland can offer a gateway to the EEA, the largest market of consumers in the world.
    • The country is the only European Union’s English-speaking member. The currency of Ireland is Euro.
    • Ireland can offer you strategic access to the UK because it shares its border with the same island.
    • The corporate tax rates of Ireland are low.
    • You can access to young, energetic, skilled, and educated talent pool here with ease. The population here can provide you with an excellent workforce for your offshore company set up in Ireland.
    • Fortunately, the environment of Ireland is low-bureaucracy which makes it ideal and highly supportive for offshore companies set up in Ireland.

    3 Easy Steps to Register Your Company Online

    Corporate Banking solution for offshore company set up Ireland.

    Overall, Ireland is a highly reputable offshore company set up jurisdiction with a strong, secure as well as the regular banking system. Both Irish and EU central banks in Ireland have a reputation of intervening in the banking system in Ireland, when necessary, to support the system. Due to which there is a lower risk of any banking crisis, unlike the one that happened in 2008.

    Even more, investors here who have done with the offshore company set up Ireland view this country as a stable global destination to invest and hold their funds. This is all because of excellent corporate banking support here that can be experienced by anyone.

    Most importantly, Ireland is not imposing any controls on exchange either on outbound or inbound funds transfer. Fortunately, the country doesn’t employ any kind of withholding tax on the profit or capital of repartition.

    To ensure an extra layer of safety and comfort, to the corporate depositors here, government insured all bank accounts here.

    Most amazingly, the customer services of banks in Ireland are also excellent and highly helpful. Bank officers in Ireland are helpful, caring, and friendly.

    Overall, you can easily have an amazing corporate banking solution for offshore company set up Ireland. However, the only thing you need to do here is making a list of your top choices when it comes to choosing an Irish bank for your corporate banking account as per your preferences. This is surely going to help you make a smarter choice with ease.

    The renewal process of an offshore company set up in Ireland.

    Renewal application for offshore company formation in Ireland is essential to submit before the expiry date of your company’s license. Authority in Ireland will issue a renewal invitation to you about 12 weeks before the expiry date along with a unique code. Using this code, you will have to complete the renewal application.

    If you missed the renewal process by any chance here, your offshore company would be considered invalid. The only way to overcome this problem is to provide a valid reason that stopped you from completing the renewal process of the offshore company set up in Ireland. Thallium Consulting will make the license renewal process simple for you taking handling the entire hectic task.

    Perks of Ireland as a Tax Haven

    Even though Ireland isn’t considered a tax haven officially when it is about offshore company formation in Ireland, Ireland is a low-tax country. The corporation tax rate here is 12.5% which is the third-lowest after Bulgaria and Hungary in the EEA. Even more, eliminating withholding tax is also easier for outgoing overseas funds transfer. The annual corporation has also decreased by up to 25% by the R&D expenditure’s cost in the same year.

    Here you can also acquire tax exemption on capital gains on international subsidiaries.

    More importantly, Tax Regulation Authorities in Ireland is highly helpful and cooperative. They are always there to welcome communication via phone and email. Also, they make sure to provide timely, advance tax clarifications and rules regarding tax laws. Thallium Consulting will help you form your company by handling all problematic tasks so you will not have to deal with any problems.