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    About Delaware

    Delaware is a state in the USA, which is in the centre of the Atlantic region of the USA. Maryland surrounds the western and southern part of Delaware. Additionally, the north part of Delaware neighbours Pennsylvania. At the same time, the eastern part of the state adjoins the magnificent Atlantic Ocean.

    Some of the best state forests and beaches are located in Delaware. Delaware also comprises of Delaware River, which meets the Atlantic Ocean. The capital of Delaware is Dover, and the official language is English. Delaware’s economy is dependent upon agriculture, poultry, and top-notch financial services. Small scale fishing industries is also a primary source of income for the residents.

    All these motives have sparked non-resident companies’ enthusiasm to learn how to set up an offshore company in Delaware.

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    Why has offshore company formation in Delaware become famous?

    Delaware became a platform for incorporating offshore companies in 1965. Since then, it has provided numerous benefits and business opportunities to customers. The auspicious organizational structure allows investors to allocate tasks and supervise the process. All this helps foreign or non-resident investors to fulfil the goals of their company.

    Moreover, the social rules and regulations do not become a barrier to the shareholders or investors. You can form two types of offshore companies in Delaware, a Corporation Company and an LLC company.

    Furthermore, offshore company setup Delaware provides notable benefits, such as a flexible business model. We say the model is flexible because all the terms and conditions are outlined at the beginning of the agreement.

    This feature allows investors to state their terms, which they think would be beneficial for them. In short, investors can come to a mutual agreement before doing business and before the contract is finalized. Due to the flexible business structure, setting up an offshore company in Delaware is no longer a problematic question.

    Benefits of setting up the company in Delaware

    Offshore company formation in Delaware provides numerous benefits to worldwide investors. Some of the best offshore company formations in Delaware provides are specified below:

    • Increased levels of Secrecy – Your identity remains hidden for your offshore company in Delaware.
    • Your identity remains protected for offshore companies in the region.
    • The company can be incorporated by a single person as well.
    • You do not need any minimum capital amount to start your offshore company set up in Delaware.
    • Stable authority, rules and regulations
    • Low maintenance fees. It means that you do not have to spend too much managing or maintaining your company in Delaware.
    • Low setup fees. You do not have to be a very rich or high-profile investor to set up your offshore company in Delaware.
    • The incorporation process of setting up a company in Delaware is quick and straightforward.
    • Strategic location, which offers numerous business opportunities
    • English is a business language in Delaware.

    Benefits like this help offshore companies set up Delaware to provide numerous business opportunities to high-scale companies. Hence, many depositors want to know how to set up an offshore company in Delaware. For these reasons, Delaware has caught the attention of numerous investors. Delaware has now become one of the supreme platforms for starting an offshore company.

    3 Easy Steps to Register Your Company Online

    Corporate banking solution for offshore company setup Delaware

    Having an excellent corporate banking solution is necessary to avoid complications after incorporating a company in Delaware. To select the best bank in Delaware, look at the corporate banking solution that banks there provide. Some of the corporate banking solutions that banks in Delaware provide to their non-resident companies are specified below.

    • Efficient transactions and payment mean that you can effectively do your transactions, such as deposit funds, withdraw funds, and more.
    • Remote transactions – Online banking of offshore company setup Delaware allows you with remote transactions.
    • E-commerce bank accounts – You can open bank accounts for e-commerce and forex as well.
    • Customer protection – Banks in Delaware helps protect the identity of the corporate customers.

    The above-specified points explain the corporate banking solution offered by Thallium Consulting in Delaware to the corporate customers.

    The renewal process of the company in Delaware

    To keep the company operating under stable conditions, the renewal of the company is crucial. For the renewal process, the owner or the company’s stakeholders must pay a limited amount of money.

    This amount should be paid on the anniversary of the corporate offshore company setup. If the annual renewal fee is not paid, your company in Delaware can be penalized and shut down. The following are the deadlines for tax payment.

    The annual renewal fee is divided into two parts: mandatory fees and optional fees. The mandatory fee is the fee that you must pay to retain the status of your offshore company. It includes the registered agent fee and a government fee.

    Optional fees require you to pay for the services that help your company to improve its performance. Optional, as the name implies, is not mandatory. But we recommend you pay this fee, as this would help your company achieve its goals.

    The annual renewal fee of an offshore company set up in Delaware is $900 (annually).

    If you find it hard to get license renewal services, do not worry because Thallium Consulting will help you in the process. Our experts will manage all the hard work to ensure that you can focus on your business.

    Perks of Delaware as Tax haven

    The offshore company set up in Delaware provides excellent benefits to its foreign investors. There are various perks of choosing Delaware as a tax haven. Some of them are specified below.

    • No commercial tax – Choosing Delaware as a tax haven allows you to avoid paying commercial taxes.
    • No state or local taxes – Companies in Delaware are not liable to pay any taxes on their sales. You can generate higher revenue by incorporating a company in Delaware.
    • No annual business license requirement – You do not need any annual business license for your business.
    • No requirement to file accounts and no audit requirements

    The above-specified points depict the benefits of offshore companies in Delaware. You can also know how to set up an offshore company in Delaware by looking at these points. If you need any help or guidance while setting up your offshore company, contact Thallium Consulting.