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    About BVI

    BVI, officially known as the British Virgin Islands and is a British overseas territory. Geographically, it is a part of the Virgin Islands archipelago. The capital of BVI is Road Town. Ravishingly beautiful BVI encompasses above 60 islands. In 1666, these attained British Colony’s status. However, this gotten autonomy in 1967. USD is the legal currency here, while English is the official language of BVI.


    At present, BVI isn’t only well-known for its excellent yachting and sailing, dazzling beaches, lush peaks, and dramatic landscapes. Also, it has become the most popular and sought-after location for an offshore company formation as well.

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    BVI has become the most popular destination for an offshore company setup

    Besides offering a lot to explore, BVI has become a successful pioneer, the most popular destination preference for offshore company setup. Surprisingly, about 41% of the world’s offshore companies are set up in BVI, making it the leading offshore financial centre. On top of that, British Virgin Islands partnerships and trusts have picked up a reputation as well.


    The offshore company set up BVI is popular due to some significant factors which investors want before investing somewhere. These factors make BVI an eye-catching opportunity for those who want to know how to set up an offshore company in BVI. Nevertheless, when it comes to understanding how to set up an offshore company in BVI, you must understand the perks of the offshore company in BVI and the detailed process.


    Getting help from Thallium Consulting experts will save you the hassle. To know more about the offshore company set up in BVI, let’s indulge in the details given below. These details will help you understand the different aspects of setting up an offshore company in BVI with ease.

    Benefits of setting up the company in BVI

    BVI comes up with so many good reasons to be considered for offshore company setup. It is because the country is offering numerous benefits to the investors here. Some of the most important ones are including:

    • Low or no minimum capitalization requirements
    • tax neutrality
    • Corporate efficiency
    • Stable democracy
    • Speedy process of the offshore company set up BVI.
    • USD as currency and English as a language requirement
    • Confidentiality and more

    3 Easy Steps to Register Your Company Online

    Corporate Banking Solution for offshore company set up in BVI

    A reliable corporate banking solution is a must for offshore companies in the region. BVI companies pay zero taxes and are super easy to run, with an added benefit of privacy. In short, an offshore company in BVI is an excellent tool for wealth building and business. However, there is a big snag because banks aren’t welcoming to open accounts for offshore companies here. Account opening in BVI can be frustrating, especially if you don’t know how to do it right. While to make things easier for you, Thallium Consulting has the solution you must consider while looking for the corporate banking solution for an offshore company set up in BVI.

    So, here we go:

    • Understand your company type and requirements before finding out a corporate banking solution in BVI.
    • Ensure you have vital documentation and details on how much money you make with your offshore company in BVI.
    • Start finding out the banks who are willing to accommodate offshore companies in BVI. This can be harder because, at various banks, you will get stuck with a customer service representative. Getting help from Thallium Consulting’s experts here can save you.
    • Or, if you are in touch with someone who already has an established offshore company in BVI, ask them about the bank they are getting banking services from. This will be easier for you to have a confirmed source this way.

    Follow these simple rules to make your process of finding corporate banking solutions easier in BVI, or simply contact Thallium Consulting in this regard.

    Renewal Process of the offshore company set up in BVI

    Generally, you have to pay an annual renewal fee after offshore company formation in BVI. This yearly renewal fee consists of 2 parts commonly.

    • Mandatory fees include the absolute minimum necessary amount to maintain your offshore company in a good standing position. These include registered agent/ office fees, government fees, and compliance fees.
    • Optional Fees: It includes the fee for services used to improve and enhance your offshore company setup BVI. You can choose such services, but these aren’t compulsory.

    BVI Offshore companies incorporated before or in June must be renewed before 31st May yearly to ensure their recognition and legal status. At the same time, offshore companies formation from July to December can complete their renewal process before 30th November every year. Thallium Consulting helps you with your license renewal process from start to end without letting you take any hassle.

    Perks of the offshore company set up BVI as a tax heaven

    There is a reason why more than 40% of the offshore companies in the world have formed in BVI. It is not only because BVI is considered a nice place to visit for tourists but also because it is the oldest recognized offshore territory internationally.

    • BVI is also enjoying 0% corporate taxation and no paid-up capital and regular audit requirements.
    • Offshore company formation in BVI costs you registration and annual license and franchise fee only. It is because International Business Companies in BVI are exempt from stamp duty and local taxes.
    • Furthermore, BVI doesn’t levy corporate tax, including no taxes on investment income and capital gain.
    • No withholding tax levy on royalty payment, dividend, and interest to non-residents
    • Surprisingly, BVI also doesn’t apply direct personal taxes. It means capital gains, personal income, inheritances, and net wealth aren’t subject to taxation here.

    Even though various advantages of the offshore company set up in BVI are common to multiple other jurisdictions, 0% corporate taxation or tac neutrality is what makes BVI a prominent global player for offshore company formation in BVI. So, overall, it makes sense how more than half of the BVI’s revenue comes from offshore company formation in BVI and their related services. At Thallium Consulting, we are determined to help you quickly set up your offshore company without any trouble.