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    About Belize

    Belize is a state that is present on the eastern coast of Central America. It is present on the southern border of Mexico. Belize is best known for its ancient history and archaeological sites. The official language spoken in Belize is English.


    Apart from ancient history, Belize is also famous for fun activities, like, scuba diving and snorkelling. Belize is also known for its wildlife and nature. It is home to many animals like crocodiles and leopards. The capital of Belize is known as Belmopan.

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    Offshore company setup Belize

    There are many reasons why business owners choose Belize for forming an offshore company setup. The first factor that anyone, substantial owners, thinks is about paying taxes. However, the conditions are easy and flexible when it comes to Belize offshore company setup.


    While setting up an offshore company, security and protection of data are crucially important. For this very reason, many protocols are taken to ensure the protection of confidential files and information. Belize can be considered a safe place. It has very few risks of pertaining private and confidential data of your customers.


    Belize has a very peaceful political stance. This factor makes it easier for business owners to run their offshore companies in Belize smoothly. Considering the easy or flexible political condition of Belize, it is easy to keep working. It means there is simply no fear of being shut down.


    The authorities that run the Belize lands and requirements are reliable. Once you set up an offshore company, you do not have to worry about anything. The authorities demand no requirements for the change of the company’s infrastructure. The setting up of an annual tax registry is reasonably necessary for several states.


    But with the easy and less complicated Belize authorities, there are no such requirements. If you earn a good amount of profit, it is all yours. There are simply zero capital gains in Belize. It does not matter how much profit your offshore company earns throughout the year.


    Many business owners are in search for finding the ideal place for setting up their offshore company. Belize is one of the easiest and ideal lands for opening an offshore company. The steps, procedures, and overall costs for the setting up of offshore companies are low. These all factors make the processes a lot easier for many business people or firm owners.


    The easy guide and steps for how to set up an offshore company in Belize are specified below.


    • Place your order by using the company formation agent.
    • Obtain a certified copy of your passport and other documents.
    • Use the handed documents for opening a bank account.
    • Signing a power of attorney.
    • Sign up for the Tax information Number.


    These are the crucial steps and guides for setting up an offshore company in Belize. Following the above-specified also helps to explain how to set up an offshore company in Belize.

    Benefits of offshore company formation in Belize

    There are various benefits or advantages that Belize has to offer for offshore company formation. Apart from the peaceful environment, Belize has many advantages that can be useful for setting up an offshore company.

    Some of the basic and highlighting benefits of offshore company formation in Belize are specified below.

    • The offshore company in Belize can be formed on the same day of your order.
    • Low fees for setting up an offshore company in Belize.
    • Zero tax income
    • Zero capital gains
    • Highly protected and secure
    • Quick IBC registry
    • No restrictions on currency
    • Stable political agenda
    • Few requirements for account opening
    • Easy English as an official language

    The above-specified points explain the benefits and advantages of offshore company formation in Belize.

    3 Easy Steps to Register Your Company Online

    Corporate banking solution

    Corporate banking solutions are crucial for gaining positive advantages. Belize is a land of peace where it is straightforward to set up an offshore company. Few of the corporate banking solution by Thallium Consulting experts which helps gain more benefits are specified below.


    • Secure the confidential information – The corporate banking solution offers the most important benefit, which is security. The information and offshore company’s data are secured and protected.
    • Allows multi-currency accounts – corporate banking also allows the offshore company to keep multiple currency accounts.
    • Issuing of cheque books – the issuing of cheque books matters as well. The corporate banking solution also issues chequebooks.
    • Internet banking – Internet banking makes it easier to accomplish tasks and other set goals.

    The renewal process of the offshore company setup Belize

    The renewal process of the offshore company setup Belize is vital if you want to keep your business running. To renew your offshore company set up in Belize, you need to follow the steps or pay some amount of money.


    The renewal process of the offshore company set up in Belize requires head office and registered agent renewal. There needs to be a verification and business agreement check. You can renew your company at 900 USD. This amount needs to be paid after a year of registration of the business. We understand that it is a complex and time-consuming process, but do not worry because professionals at Thallium Consulting will make everything easier for you.

    Perks of offshore companies set up Belize as a tax haven

    Belize is known to be one of the prime tax havens in Central America. It offers many benefits in aspects of tax to businesses and individuals as well. It helps set up an offshore company in Belize.


    Some of the advantages of offshore company setup Belize as a tax haven are specified below.


    • Quick and simple steps for financial planning.
    • Easy transfer of companies within or out of Belize.
    • Flexible rules for funds and insurance policies.


    These perks make Belize the best place to set up an offshore company formation in Belize. Thallium Consulting is available at your service to help you with the formation of an offshore company. By following the guide, it can explain how to set up an offshore company in Belize. Let us know your ideas, and we will convert them into reality.